Why do you need Site Maintenance?

Maintaining integrity and security is essential for a reliable website.


Keeping your WordPress Core, your Theme and your Plugins updated to their latest versions

  • Increases security
  • Fixes bugs
  • Adds features and functionality

You want to have regular back ups taken of your site.  Even a secure site can be hacked, or a server can crash, your database can get erased or corrupted. Regular backups are fundamental for your piece of mind if something should ever happen – and having a copy on hand can minimize the stress and time of recovery.


On occasion, updates will cause compatibility issues between WordPress, your Theme or your Plugins.  If this happens, you can be rest assured that backups are available to restore your site to the most recent working version.

UpTime Monitoring:

Because if your website goes down, you want it taken care of ASAP!

Can you do it yourself?

Sure you can!  However, unless your business includes web development, you probably have better things to do than constantly worry about the security and stability of your site.  I’m offering a management service for those that just don’t want to deal with this stuff and want someone to pick up the phone should they need help.